3/3: Volume 1, Set 1


Vela Noche collaborated with the Poetry Society of America to publish a series of 9 broadsides that paired contemporary poets with contemporary photographers.  A total of 9 broadsides were produced in 3 sets. 

Each set contains 3 broadsides each with 1 letterpress-printed poem and 1 pigment-printed photograph.

About Volume 1 Set 1

Artist Lauren Henkin made images of invasive plants as part of a series titled Growth, about finding parallels in nature with invasive tumors in her body. Brooklyn poet Kimiko Hahn, whose work explores desire and death, often in the context of nature, writes beautifully to the images.  The photographs are printed by Henkin on Hahnemühle's William Turner deckled edge rag paper, a roughly textured paper that Henkin wanted to feel "rough in the hands."  Peter Kruty of Peter Kruty Editions expertly letterpress printed the poems in a dark green ink.  The entire set is presented in a folio made from handmade paper by St. Armand Papetier in Montréal, Canada.

Alice Quinn, the Executive Director at the Poetry Society of America, says of the broadsides, "The exquisite and dynamic pairing of poetry and photographs in this exhilarating project is entirely special. The broadsides are uniquely beautiful works of art."

Joel Minor, Curator, Modern Literature Collection at Washington University in St. Louis says, "The broadsides do not disappoint. The letterpress-printed type and photographs are striking, very crisp and vivid, on beautiful paper. The whole presentation adds so much to experiencing both poetry and photography."

Institutional Collections

Bowdoin College
Emory University
Hampshire College
Lafayette College
University of Arizona Poetry Center
University of Buffalo
University of Denver
University of Victoria, British Columbia
Washington University in St. Louis
Yale University


Published in 2013
Artists: Kimiko Hahn (poet) & Lauren Henkin (photographer)
Letterpress printing: Peter Kruty, Peter Kruty Editions
Pigment printing: Lauren Henkin
Paper: Hahnemühle William Turner textured rag with deckled edge
Enclosure: handmade folio custom made from St. Armand Papetier
Colophon: letterpress-printed on the interior of the folio
Size: 13” x 19”
Number of broadsides in folio: 3
Edition size of each set: 45 + 3Aps

Each colophon is signed and numbered by both artists.

This project would not have happened without the support of the Poetry Society of America and Hahnemühle FineArt. We are grateful for their ongoing support of the artists and the published works.