Still Standing, Standing Still


"The example of trees does suggest a harmony for which it seems right to dream.” — Robert Adams

Still Standing, Standing Still is artist Lauren Henkin's third handmade book.  A series of 14 images about a lone tree in Oregon, the beautiful book is the artist's first in color. 

"This series began in 2010 with the discovery of a lone tree. Slowly—around and around and around— I examined it in varying light and perspective. It stood alone, with its scars unclothed, threatened by vines, but still standing. A branch was broken off by lightning or another violent act. The tree didn’t seem to mind, the flaw adding to its power, a permanent reminder that it had survived the violation and was unashamed of the defect. I became obsessed with its form and photographed it more intensely than any subject I have ever focused on.

From the beginning, my goal for the book was to lead the viewer through the same experience I had in photographing the tree—an opportunity to get lost in one thing—the layers of complexity discernible only by looking closer and closer."

The book can be viewed as a traditional book, or completely opened and secured with a magnetic closure.

The deluxe edition is now sold out.

Institutional Collections

Yale University
Multnomah County Library
Northwestern University
University of Oregon
Washington University in St. Louis


Published in 2012
7" x 7"
14 Images
Museum etching rag interior paper
Cave handmade exterior paper
Letterpress cover
Limited to 30