Displaced is a deeply personal handmade book about finding external beauty in the midst of intense internal crisis. Artist Lauren Henkin has created an introspective book which resides at the zenith of craftsmanship, and one which describes a hunger for inspiration during the breakup of her marriage.  Printed on archival paper and hand-bound by renowned bookbinder John DeMerritt, Displaced presents two photographic portfolios in black-and-white, derived from solitary departures in the U.S. and Nova Scotia.

Any artist who has struggled with loneliness, with despair, with questions about self-worth will find hope here. The book is evidence that for artists, the act of perceiving beauty, and then carrying that perception forward as a work of art, is perhaps the most dependable and profound romance an artist will know.

Institutional Collections

Yale University
Dartmouth College
Smith College
Bowdoin College
George Washington University
Dalhousie University
Multnomah County Library
University of Oregon
Washington University in St. Louis

Steve Woodall, Director, Center of Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College Chicago
"What distinguishes an exemplary photobook from a book that may be merely a collection of fine photographs, is an element that makes it more than the sum of its parts. Think of the classic books, from Robert Frank to Minor White to John Wood to Lee Friedlander, and there is always a poetic structure, however subtle, that defines them. In the case of Lauren Henkin’s Displaced, it is the compelling evocation of loss, captured memory and regeneration that raises this book to a higher plane. Individually, the photos are often arrestingly beautiful; collectively, they become an eloquent autobiography.

The prints are beautifully made, and the selection, layout, pacing and narrative all impeccable. Technically, there is little here to criticize. The binding, by John DeMerritt, reinforces his already formidable reputation for sensitive treatment of photographic material.

Jack Kerouac, in the midst of his chatter, was occasionally given to aphorism, and this is one: “Accept loss forever.”  Displaced is the illustration of an attempt to come to terms with the meaning of that profound exhortation. Two short essays by the artist place this work in its specific personal context. The writing is heartfelt, sad, courageous and informative, but not necessary. The pictures say it all."

DK Row, The Oregonian
"...these black-and-white photos stir with a contemplativeness and emotional directness that carry the frisson of discovery. We’re witnessing the development -- pun intended -- of a peculiar, worthy talent."

David Evans, Parenthesis:
"It is a rare accomplishment that a book of photographs succeeds as Displaced does in conveying painful emotional states so vividly with such beauty and grace. It is also a notable achievement in bringing ancient letterpress and contemporary digital methods together. Displaced stands out as an inspiration to other artists who may consider publishing their work in this way."


Published in 2010
39 images
Moab entrada rag paper
9 1/2" x 13"
Case bound
Limited to 60